Monday, April 11, 2005


NBC's New Mini-Series - Things just got scary(ier)

Looks like the end is finally here. For all those that doubted that the pendulum’s swing had already moved into dangerous, fundamentalist territory, I give you NBC's new mini-series: Revelations, a light-hearted take on the coming apocalypse. Just what a scared people need right smack dab in primetime. To add insult to injury, Revelations is pre-empting the West Wing or, as I like to call, ex-patriot wish fulfilment. How I long for the days when primetime was about being "master of your domain", Christian boycotters be damned. Or the scariest thing on television was watching Ben Seaver's sad descent into puberty.

Want to hear more about those living in a pastime paradise? Check out Frank Rich's excellent column on the "Culture of Death".

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